Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom

One of the precious legacies I keep from my brief stint as a philosophy student is the lack of trust in “knowledge”. That is, I tend to question what we assume that knowledge is, and look for its source. I remember the evenings I spent at the university library reading Peirce‘s “How to make our ideas clear”.

So, when I found at the appropriately named Information is Beautiful blog an interesting post comprising this beautiful graphic. I felt compelled to share it with you.

I think that this graphic represents quite well the relationship between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom, and how we construct our thought from raw data towards wisdom. I browsed the comments in the original post and found a link to the DIKW model in the Wikipedia, and learned that this model is already well-known.

It is really amazing how in this hyperlink days we can go gather data and information at the speed of light. Unfortunately it seems wisdom is still analogue.

  1. Data vs. Information in videogaming interfaces | Javier Gala

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